Why You Should Remove Panic Features From Your Software Application

Let's talk shop for once, shall we? Enough whining and posts about fluffy extinct animals. It was a coincidence, but we ditched FogBugz more or less at the same time Joel Spolsky announced he's quitting the blogosphere. We were happy campers for more than a year when it comes to using FogBugz. One day I definitely plan to write about why FogBugz is not suitable for web design and development companies. »

Good Software Developer Is Like Earth's Intelligent Designer

I love my mornings, because that's when I enjoy my perfect breakfast. A cup of really good coffee, smell of fresh bread and my favorite vegan spread. Choking on my breakfast, however, does not amuse me. "What asshole designed my respiratory and digestive system in such a lousy way? Who thought it was a good idea to connect trachea with esophagus? You call this intelligent design? Intelligent design my ass!" »

Blog as a Research Tool for a Future Software Product

This blog came to be because of something Dharmesh Shah said about launching a product at the Business of Software 2008 conference. And because of something Steve Yegge said about blogging. And because I always wanted to write about something. Web development business stuff, for example. Not just to write, but to start a public conversation, to learn from others, and maybe help create something wonderful and profitable along the way - something like a web application. »