I Fixed My Insomnia

For years, I’ve had trouble falling asleep. When it was time to fall asleep, my mind would not stop racing. I kept thinking about various things related to business, what I wanted to write, the many ideas I’ve had during the day, etc. This kept me turning in bed over and over, until 2AM, 3AM, sometimes even later. The mere thought that I should be sleeping was only increasing my frustration, and stressing me out. »

Want to earn monthly recurring revenue? Have an audience/clients? Monetize them with Patreon.com [CRASH GUIDE]

I started writing these instructions for several people already, so why not write it down for everyone to read? Here it goes: how to earn and grow an additional stream of monthly recurring revenue if you have an existing audience/fans, or a pool of clients/customers, by receiving money from them via Patreon.com. This will be great for artists, musicians, writers, teachers, non-profits, or anyone who creates any kind of value for a living. »

How I Structure a Non-Fiction Book

When I was writing my first nonfiction book, I researched how my favorite writers structured their books. I was interested in discovering two levels of structure: the book-level structure (I call this the macrostructure) - how the book itself is laid out the chapter-level structure (the microstructure) - what are the building blocks of each chapter? Here’s the structure I created to guide me in 2014. Since I made it my life’s mission to create my personal publishing empire, I will be needing the content in this article myself. »

How I Achieve Productivity

I have this concept I call The Book of Me which I consider a manual for my life. It’s a folder with documents in which I write instructions as I discover something new about myself. These instructions are meant for me to read them from time to time. For example, I have a document called What to Do When I’m Bored, and another one called What to Do When My Blood Sugar Drops. »

You Can Beat Procrastination in One Minute. Here's How, and Here's Why

I’m on a mission to turn pro, as Steven Pressfield would say. For me, this means that I’m discovering the ways of becoming a prolific, profitable maker of knowledge products. I can never become a profitable maker unless I become productive, so I’ve made productivity and all its constituing elements (such as habits, self-control, discipline, mindfulness, knowledge, skills, and deliberate practice) my current obsession. I’ve had a small epiphany regarding productivity lately, and I’ve got one superb science-based online course called Learning How to Learn to thank for. »

Squirrel, Inc. by Stephen Denning: My Book Reading Notes

Business needs more storytelling. It needs more storytellers. This book has taught me the basic elements of a story, and it gave me specific examples of the situations and the kinds of stories a business should tell to inspire change. The book is written as a parable itself. It’s a story of how squirrels wanted to switch to nut storing, instead of starving every winter. So, with this book you get 2 things in 1: the actual story, and the explanation why the story worked, and how it worked. »

Smart Questions For Self-Growth

In his newest book Tools of Titans which I’m currently obsessing over, Tim Ferriss talks a lot about the importance of continuously asking yourself smart questions. “Questions determine your focus”, says Tim. And I know that he got that from his role model and mine: The quality of your life is the quality of your questions. ~ Tony Robbins I decided to do something about those questions. Too many times I stumble upon a really good one, and think to myself: »

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley: My Book Reading Notes

This would be a good first book to read on the subject of writing for business. The book has got the right mix of writing advice, grammar tips, links to tools, and inspiration. Probably the book that inspired me to create my writing credo I call “Data, Proof, Examples” for writing persuasive, human-centered content. What My Book Reading Notes Are About I’m a compulsive note taker. I can’t read a non-fiction book without taking notes - that’s why it takes me so long to finish a book. »

The Book on Writing by Paula LaRocque: My Book Reading Notes

About This Book Very practical book, with plenty of examples - it’s the examples that make this book worth buying. The book taught me how to edit my own writing, cut it short, say it more clearly. Most importantly, this book taught me what it really means to “show, don’t tell” in writing - the book showed me, rather than told me. What My Book Reading Notes Are About I’m a compulsive note taker. »

The Habit Guide by Leo Babauta: My Book Reading Notes

The book is a wonderful compilation of tactics which create positive habits. I’m a big fan of Leo Babauta not only because his writing is short and effective, but because his habit tactics worked for me in the past as well. Book parameters Title: The Habit Guide / book website, Goodreads profile Author: Leo Babauta I read the book in: 2016 My Book Reading Notes This is the first book for which I’m publishing my personal notes. »