I Fixed My Insomnia

For years, I’ve had trouble falling asleep. When it was time to fall asleep, my mind would not stop racing. I kept thinking about various things related to business, what I wanted to write, the many ideas I’ve had during the day, etc. This kept me turning in bed over and over, until 2AM, 3AM, sometimes even later. The mere thought that I should be sleeping was only increasing my frustration, and stressing me out. »

How I Achieve Productivity

I have this concept I call The Book of Me which I consider a manual for my life. It’s a folder with documents in which I write instructions as I discover something new about myself. These instructions are meant for me to read them from time to time. For example, I have a document called What to Do When I’m Bored, and another one called What to Do When My Blood Sugar Drops. »

You Can Beat Procrastination in One Minute. Here's How, and Here's Why

I’m on a mission to turn pro, as Steven Pressfield would say. For me, this means that I’m discovering the ways of becoming a prolific, profitable maker of knowledge products. I can never become a profitable maker unless I become productive, so I’ve made productivity and all its constituing elements (such as habits, self-control, discipline, mindfulness, knowledge, skills, and deliberate practice) my current obsession. I’ve had a small epiphany regarding productivity lately, and I’ve got one superb science-based online course called Learning How to Learn to thank for. »

Smart Questions For Self-Growth

In his newest book Tools of Titans which I’m currently obsessing over, Tim Ferriss talks a lot about the importance of continuously asking yourself smart questions. “Questions determine your focus”, says Tim. And I know that he got that from his role model and mine: The quality of your life is the quality of your questions. ~ Tony Robbins I decided to do something about those questions. Too many times I stumble upon a really good one, and think to myself: »

The Habit Guide by Leo Babauta: My Book Reading Notes

The book is a wonderful compilation of tactics which create positive habits. I’m a big fan of Leo Babauta not only because his writing is short and effective, but because his habit tactics worked for me in the past as well. Book parameters Title: The Habit Guide / book website, Goodreads profile Author: Leo Babauta I read the book in: 2016 My Book Reading Notes This is the first book for which I’m publishing my personal notes. »


Don’t blame the economy. Don’t point fingers at your enemies, competitors, clients, partners, suppliers, Facebook, or Google. It’s not the government’s fault. Your parents, family, or your spouse aren’t responsible either. No, it’s not about your genes. Whatever or whoever you think is to blame, change that - and see it that helps. It might - but please, make that change! Take action! If that change doesn’t help, could it be that maybe, possibly, you’re changing the wrong thing? »


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar I was researching slash writing about the reasons why we keep delaying implementation of crucial changes in our business. What or who impacts the way we make decisions? Are there decision-making activities that set the most successful business people apart? Thinking about that led me to the subject of mastermind groups. »

Why Do I Procrastinate, How Do I Stop, and What Do My Emotions Have To Do With Everything?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m playing Plants vs. Zombies 2. I’m playing because I’m avoiding a boring task I absolutely have to finish today. I’m in the middle of shooting ten holes through a bunch of zombies when this idea comes knocking on my brain: I’m procrastinating because I’m attaching a certain emotion to the dreaded task. What emotion am I feeling right now? Would the task scare me less if I detached the emotion itself from the task? »

Business as an Adventure

An insight came to me while I was reading the book A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. (So much revelation in the first few pages. Go and buy it. You’ll thank me later.) Yesterday I decided I would look at the new business I’m venturing into as an adventure. Adventure-centered attitude is the best antidote to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). If my new business is an adventure, then all the obstacles in my way are what makes the adventure interesting. »