Don’t blame the economy.

Don’t point fingers at your enemies, competitors, clients, partners, suppliers, Facebook, or Google. 

It’s not the government’s fault.

Your parents, family, or your spouse aren’t responsible either.

No, it’s not about your genes.

Whatever or whoever you think is to blame, change that - and see it that helps. It might - but please, make that change! Take action!

If that change doesn’t help, could it be that maybe, possibly, you’re changing the wrong thing? Could it be that, maybe, probably, you should look to change the attitude of the person in the mirror?

By shifting responsibility to external entities, you rob yourself of the power to fix things.

Everybody is in the same situation. No, they’re not. Expand your horizons. Find people who have what you want to have. Study what they did to get where you want to be. What could be the first easy step to getting there? Make it.

It’s not me, it’s “them”. How does that belief help you fix your problem? Do you plan to sit around and wait for “their” mercy, or are you going to (wo)man up and start owning your life?

I can fix this. Now we’re talking! What little thing can you do today? What is your superpower? Use it to fix things. I’m certain you have at least one. What is your Kryptonite? Avoid it or don’t practice it - not even Superman found a better solution for his weakness. If you’re not sure what your one greatest superpower and your one greatest weakness is, ask a trusted friend who you’re sure won’t bullshit you. 


This is something that just came pouring out of me when I was writing a new article for my business newsletter. I remember the times when I needed a good kick in the butt, so I’m publishing this for whom it may concern. Hope it helps!

Don’t blame me if my words ruffle your feathers. It’s a good sign :) Let’s discuss this on Google+.

Creative Commons image license: Shift + Blame by Cyberslayer on Flickr

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