How I Wrote, Created and Launched This Website in 11 Hours: as Easy as Django Py

Update May 2016: I’ve transferred this blog to the HUGO static website engine and I’m hosting it on my company’s server. My writing still looks pretty, and Python & Django rock even more today than in 2009. Update March 2014: I’ve transferred this blog to a hosted service, mostly because it makes my writing look prettier. Python & Django still rock. I know I wrote in my first post that this blog was created because some internet hotshots said something. »

Blog as a Research Tool for a Future Software Product

This blog came to be because of something Dharmesh Shah said about launching a product at the Business of Software 2008 conference. And because of something Steve Yegge said about blogging. And because I always wanted to write about something. Web development business stuff, for example. Not just to write, but to start a public conversation, to learn from others, and maybe help create something wonderful and profitable along the way - something like a web application. »