My name is Visnja Zeljeznjak (or Višnja Željeznjak, with all the funny eastern-European characters included).

I'm an entrepreneur and a storyteller.

My Company logIT

In 2002 I co-founded logIT, a web development consultancy from Croatia, EU. logIT does Python & Django custom software development and digital marketing consulting. My job in logIT is to make our clients' businesses more profitable by using the Internet.

logIT is where I acquired my business, sales and marketing skills. In logIT I developed my passion for website architecture, web usability, conversion rate optimization, sales, lead generation, writing, copywriting and digital marketing in general. The Internet is in my DNA and I'm dedicated to extending my expertise in everything digital.

My Product Simpfinity

I'm also co-founder of and writer at, a sales proposal + project management + client support software for digital agencies. Working on this application is my main focus.

My Book Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies

I'm also a writer. In June 2014 I published the book Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies aimed at web agency owners and professionals who are building websites for a living.

Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies: The Book by Visnja Zeljeznjak

Recurring revenue is one of the foundations of a profitable service business. There would be no need to talk about recurring revenue if most web agencies were built around it. Sadly too few small agencies ever build any recurring revenue and as a result, they struggle or go out of business. The ones they do, like mine did, first spend years being unaware of the benefits of recurring revenue, followed by months of thinking about implementing it right. Once you know what you want to sell, there are still weeks of work before you sell your first service contract.

My book first inspires business owners in all those three stages to act now. Then it shows them which services they need to build (and which ones to avoid). Finally the book guides them through the process of building, implementing, selling, promoting, organizing and renewing recurring revenue services.

This is my first book about the business of website development. I plan to start writing my second book very soon.


I'm a professor of German language and information sciences. I acquired my degrees in 2003 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia.


When I'm not business-y, I'm all about science, science fiction, pirate party stuff, bitcoin, basic income, abundance and veganism. And cats.

Blog Name Origins

On the interwebz I go by the nickname luckyisgood.

"Lucky is good" is my favorite Stargate: SG1 quote, here's the original:

Volnek: You are fortunate my brother drugged you. You would never have survived a true Kel shak lo.

Mitchell: Dunno. Took you down pretty good.

Volnek: You were lucky.

Mitchell: Lucky is good.

My philosophy on the topic of luck goes like this: There is no such thing as "luck" or "misfortune". Whenever you think you got lucky, it's because you did something good before that.