the art of laziness - how not to do stuff

Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. ~┬áRobert Heinlein

i hate the word "productivity" with the gravity of thousand black holes. everybody, including myself, wants to be more productive, to check-off more tasks, to be busy-busy-busy the whole day.

i know why we keep task lists. a pile of tasks prevents us from doing the labor that really matters - thinking kind of work. when was the last time you wrote "think about x" on your task list?

thinking is hard. thinking forces us to be accountable and responsible. thinking results in mistakes.

i want to stay lazy, because laziness is the path to freedom and riches. i'm not kidding - knowing what *not* to do is golden. my job is to think, and no thinking will be done if there's a task list in front of me. matt cutts wrote one of the best articles on productivity, but i think the following philosophy of mine is not so bad either.

My Art of Positive Laziness - A Tasks Flowchart

this is my art of positive laziness. i'm still just a student of this fine art. every morning i'm practicing my art in front of the mirror. there's a piece of paper pinned to my bathroom mirror, that says: "what will i do today to make myself proud?" checking off some st00pid task off some list is not what i have fought for.

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