We Should Be Hunting Mammoths, Not Foxes

Is your web development company working for big, prime time clients (mammoths)? Or are you settling for clients you have an easy time selling to (foxes)?

Today I am sharing some thoughts that kept me awake last night.

You are a Neanderthal

You wake up in your cave, surrounded with your kids, screaming their hungry lungs out. Your lady is not looking at you friendly either. If you don't go out into the wilderness and come back with something to fill their bellies with, you'll all starve to death. And no sex tonight. Damn.

You have a choice to make: you can go catch foxes, alone, with that spear in your hand. Or, you can gather your fellow hunters and go after a mammoth. Quick, what do you do, what do you do?

A fox is an easy catch, a low-hanging fruit. Chasing after nothing but foxes is inefficient, dangerous and eventually deadly. A fox feeds you only for a day. Hunting nothing but foxes bleeds you dry very quickly and drains your energy, summer after summer.

While you are out chasing foxes, competing tribes are on the lookout for mammoths - big, wooly, fat beasts. Its flesh feeds the whole tribe for months to come. Its wooly skin warms the children during cold winters. Its tusks make for more efficient weapons that will help catch mammoths faster and with less casualties.

Catching just one mammoth is like buying a refrigerator full of yummy food - a passive income, so to speak.

Why the hell would you waste all of your time on foxes then?

Excuses for not going after mammoths

Imagine a Neanderthal in the 21st century, living a life of a modern man. He spends his days looking outside of his cold cave, shooting foxes from a safe distance and bitching about lousy foxes, lousy weather, lousy weapons and lousy hunting grounds. You can almost hear him talking to himself.

We are a fox-hunting tribe, not a mammoth-hunting tribe! It's always been like this, why risk the change? And what do we know about mammoths after all?

We have no mammoth tusks to show as proof that we're good hunters. Thousands of foxes we have caught so far cannot possibly convince anyone. So we won't even try, people might laugh us off the face of the Earth.

We can't go mammoth-hunting unprepared! A mammoth is a formidable animal, we must show respect to it! We must wear our best animal skins, smear our faces and bodies with the shiniest warrior colors. Until we are fully prepared, nobody sticks a foot out of this village. Good grief, what would the mammoths think if they saw us like this?!?

Our tools and weapons are not good enough. We must wait for other members of the tribe to invent better tools and weapons, so we have better results. What is a hunter without good props?

Our hunters are young and inexperienced. First we must wait until they grow older and gather some experience catching mice and foxes. If they go out like this, they will scare the mammoths away and we will never be able to lure the mammoths back to our hunting grounds. Ever.

Can't we try deer first? It's awkward to make such a giant leap - from foxes straight to the mammoths. First we must catch a few deer, put their bones on display so everyone in the village is convinced we are able to catch bigger game. Only then can we go after mammoths. There are plenty of mammoths out there, aren't there?

Now it's not the time to go hunting for mammoths. There probably are no mammoths out there right now. They are either hiding or sleeping. Better wait until spring. It doesn't matter that come spring, other tribes will be out hunting at the same time as we will be. We better do what everybody else is doing, it's safer this way, and the other tribes probably know better than we do.

There are too many foxes; we have no time to go mammoth-hunting! If we focus on mammoths, there would be foxes running around, and other tribes would hunt them down and there would be nothing left for us.

...And all he ever dreams of is catching a fat, wooly mammoth

Don't you just wanna slap the poor extinct bastard like a bitch?

If you get a slap like this from a trusted person, don't complain. Say "Thank you, can I have some more on the other cheek?" After all, this is what Jesus would do (turn the other cheek, not slap you, that is.) Don't you wanna do what Jesus would do?

What's your excuse for not being everything you can be?

If modern scientific findings are correct and Neanderthals had language, it means that they too had lizard brains that talked bullshit to them all day long. It's the same lizard brain that is quietly whispering to you "You are not good enough for a big client".

And yet, in spite of the lizard brain, all Neanderthals ever did to survive, was going after mammoths.


P.S. If you're into ancient humans, Neanderthals, history and stuff like that, come visit the new super-cool multimedia museum of the Neanderthal man in Krapina, northern Croatia (a news piece about it in English). They created 17 real-looking Neanderthal dolls, almost putting Madame Tussauds' figures to shame!

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