What I'm Doing Now

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Last update: May 2016.

I’m Visnja Zeljeznjak (Višnja Željeznjak)

I’m a digital marketing consultant, entrepreneur, writer and author. Get to know me better.


Currently I live and work in Rijeka, Croatia (EU).

How I Help People in Business

I’m a digital marketing specialist at the B2B digital marketing consultancy business I co-founded in 2002.

I use my knowledge, skills, and friendly attitude to help entrepreneurs improve their business websites so that they would get more customers online.

My strongest suits are:

Business Focus

As an entrepreneur, I’m currently focused on getting new clients for my company.

Personal Focus

After winning a number of major battles against obesity and similar looming diseases, there is nothing more important to me now than staying healthy, active for life, and fit. I decided to start writing about my health-related struggles and successes on this blog.

I’m a couch potato turned regular swimmer, runner, and hiker.

How I Describe Myself in Personal Life

Dealer in hope. Science enthusiast. Vegan.

Current Unconditional Truths

Only change is constant.

Happiness is being aware of how lucky you are, right now.

My Biggest Struggles

I’m happy, blessed, and grateful to report that business is my biggest struggle and my hardest battle at this moment.

My Biggest Successes

I’m a happy person.

I’m healthy and fit.

I’m in an amazing long-term relationship with an amazing guy.