How to Change the World

Recently I have become fascinated with what the future will bring. After reading Abundance, I have learned about what is possible in the next 25 years. I want to be a part of the movement which will make this abundance happen. The abundance line There’s a line above which the abundance starts. Above it, humans have the time to collaborate and work creatively towards solving humanity’s problems. Below it, humans have the time only to survive. »

why i always take the path less traveled

after four days of heavy rain, this morning greeted me with sunshine and with just enough degrees celsius for me to take out my bike and ride 8 kilometers to work. it would be a much needed exercise after last night, when i tortured my spine with playing urban terror online for four hours straight into the midnight. on the way to work, i always take my favorite of the three possible roads. »

How I Exceeded My Imaginary Limits Just by Saying One Simple Thing to Myself

I quit smoking a month ago. I was a happy smoker and would continue to be one, if only there was no nagging fear of death by stupidity. So I decided to live a healthy life. I would drink freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice very early in the morning (say, 6 AM) and go swimming immediately after that. This would last for at least 45 days. If I didn't like this trial after 45 days, I would end it and go back to my old ways. »