How to Change the World

Recently I have become fascinated with what the future will bring. After reading Abundance, I have learned about what is possible in the next 25 years. I want to be a part of the movement which will make this abundance happen.

The abundance line

There’s a line above which the abundance starts.

Above it, humans have the time to collaborate and work creatively towards solving humanity’s problems.

Below it, humans have the time only to survive. This is no way for an intelligent species to live.

Where’s the problem, exactly?

I have identified that our most important problem is the need to work to just barely survive.

Nobody should spend their life to just barely survive. This is my deeply held belief.

We have to work 40 hours a week, 40-50 years a lifetime to get:

  • water
  • food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • medicine
  • education

All of the above needs to be free or nearly free. This world is possible. It may sound unbelievable to some people, but after reading, I believe.

I have learned that the quickest path towards the abundance is to generating squanderable amounts of energy. When we have achieved that level, we will have developed technologies to create water, food, shelter, clothing and medicine almost out of thin air, almost for free. We’re now in the process of experimenting with energy.

We’ve already achieved the level at which we now have squanderable amount of nearly free education. It is called the internet. My internet costs $41 month. If all other bullet points I mentioned cost $41, I could survive with only $246 a month. Average net salary in my country today is exactly $899 a month (data for May 2012). This means that on average, people in my country would only have to work 6 days a month to have their basic needs met. The other 15 days a month we’d spend as we saw fit.

Today we work 21 days a month. Yes, we do afford to buy a little bit more than just basic needs. We buy smartphones, tablets, computers, vacations and school books for our children.

But the abundant world of the future I’m talking about is even cheaper to afford than a whopping $246 a month.

Being part of the solution

Before each and every one of use can start solving the world’s problems, we must first stop being the problem ourselves.

I can’t participate in solving world hunger if I have to work 40 hours a week just to feed and dress myself.

I personally have to achieve freedom first.

How do I achieve personal freedom

Right now, my streams of passive recurring income cover only a part of my expenses. I co-run a business and my business generates passive recurring income, but not enough. And I have to show up for work every day, 40 days a week just like everybody else, to maintain the current level of my business. I plan to change that in the future, but let’s go back to what a person without an existing business can do.

I personally need multiple streams of passive income which demand only the smallest possible fraction of my time to maintain them.

So phase one of being able to change the world, is to create anything that brings in the minimum amount a month just to survive, recurringly, passively.

When I have achieved that, I can stop “working” and I can start creating. Humanity has no use of me if I’m not creating. Humanity wants me to achieve my personal freedom, no: humanity demands I do it. There’s the purpose of life somewhere in the previous sentence.

I have identified a digital product business to be the solution to my personal freedom. All I need to do, is create a profitable one or more digital products which bring in a certain amount of money monthly. Currently I’m publishing an exclusive-to-Google+ post series describing the necessary features of my perfect digital business. Visit my Google+ About for links to the published posts.

After I have achieved passive recurring income, I can start participating in solving the world’s problems.

How do we change the world then, again?

Each and every living human changes the world by first achieving personal freedom from mandatory work for survival.

We’re not doing this to squander our life watching TV and partying all night. People are not a lazy species. People are a curious, imaginative, creative, fun and intelligent species. Suspend your disbelief for a second and kindly accept the idea that our current 40-hour work-sleep-work regime is killing everything creative in us. This regime is creating an illusion of people being lazy. We’re not lazy. We’re just exhausted.

Most people do nothing creative at work and that’s the main problem. I am not against work, I am against meaningless work. I plan to work till the day I drop dead. I don’t need to retire, ever. Why would I want to retire from anything I am passionate about?

Imagine if you didn’t have to work a day in your life any more, while having all your basic needs met. Do you honestly see yourself watching TV till the day you die? You’d be bored after a month and your creative powers would kick in naturally.

You could be the next hotshot entrepreneur. You could be the next Elon Musk. Hell, I could be the next Elon Musk!

But not before I’m free from things Elon Musk was free from before he sent a rocket into space. I cannot simultaneously work on rocket science and thinking about where my next meal would come from.

So, first we need free time. We will later decide what do we want to dedicate it to. There’s no shortage of problems to work on.

Me personally, I want to dedicate my free time to participating in making abundance for all humans possible. Abundance will lead to people devoting their lives to achieving longevity. We will soon upgrade ourselves to Human 2.0 - technologically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We will have matured into a civilization able to conquer the Milky Way.

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