Don't Wonder Whether It Will Be Hard

Sailboat at sea with the Moon rising

Because it will be.

That thing you’re afraid of: starting your own business, changing jobs, starting work on a new product… The truth is, it’s harder that you can imagine it.  If you knew exactly how hard it will be and how many problems you’d encounter on your journey, you’d probably give up because you’re not ready yet for all of it.

But that’s not the reason not to just… start. Hardships are like ocean waves: you will learn to surf the waves as they rush at you, wave by wave. Not all of them will rush at you at once: that’s how you survive. That’s how everybody who created anything meaningful survived.

Don’t fear the killer tsunamis, for they are rare, and with time you’ll develop an early warning system for them. While you’re still inexperienced in the beginning, avoid known tsunami regions and you’ll do fine.

Calm seas are rare too, so learn to recognize them and enjoy them as they happen.

Expect and accept the waves. Every wave is an opportunity for you to prove just how much you want to succeed with this thing.

Just start. It will be hard. You don’t want to know just yet how hard it will be. You fear the hardships today because you know you’re not capable of overcoming them. But your future self is, because your future self is stronger.

You stronger future self is waiting for you to embark on a journey today. Just start.


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