Changing The Pen You're Writing With Changes You as a Writer

For more than two years, I've been using Sublime Text - a fine programmer's text editor - for writing blog posts. Since my final output was HTML, it seemed logical to start writing in HTML immediately. Sublime Text did some nice things for me as a writer (like fast autocomplete of HTML tags and wrapping selected text in HTML tags) and so I stuck with it.

I liked what I wrote. Some people liked some of the things I wrote, too. And then I converted to Mac. 

Using Mac changes your perspective in many ways. Sublime Text does work on Mac, but some of my favorite functions still do not (version 2 is still in Alpha as I write this). I was on the market for a text editor, and came across OmmWriter - a simple app for writing stuff on Mac, PC and iPad.

OmmWriter has *none* of the features of Sublime Text (besides being able to type and press enter). All OmmWriter does is give you a pretty blank screen with no interface to write on. It shows a serene, unobtrusive background behind your text and plays inspiring music while you write. It won't let Twitter grab your attention. I wrote 5 posts in 8 days with OmmWriter. I got into the Zone and stayed there. And then, something weird started to happen.

My blog posts were coming out completely different. They looked differently, they were structured differently. And they were *short*.

You see, OmmWriter does not format your text. It won't create headings for you. No bold, no italic, no tables, no big fonts. No numbered lists! No bullets either! OMG!

I had a revelation with OmmWriter: I was sick and tired of writing posts with bulleted lists. I've had enough of writing *scannable* posts. Those posts were never me. If you write for scanning, you'll make people scan. No more unneeded H2 and H3 headings, which I often used as a visual delimiter. OmmWriter took all of this away and liberated me to just - write. To write naturally, to write *prose* - not blog posts. As soon as I couldn't use bullets, I stopped thinking about extensive content which is ideal for "list posts". So I stopped writing them. I started writing one simple idea per post, like this one: That the choice of the text editor influences your writing style. Simple ideas are easier to write, so I was able to write more. The more I write, the more I publish, the more people get exposed to my ideas. Not everything I write will be good, but I will get to Carnegie Hall.

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