Moving My Blog to Hugo and Expanding the Range of Topics I Write About

It was time for another change. The first reincarnation of this blog was built with Python and Django in 2009. The second reincarnation was built with in 2014. In 2016, I built this version 3.0 with the Hugo Static Website Engine. So far, I love most of Hugo. I Miss Writing on My Blog I realized that I haven’t written anything since 2014 on my blog. I need to write. »

Moving My Blog to Ghost Pro

My blog has a new home. I moved my domain to Hosted Service platform. I decided to do this mostly because I needed a better publishing platform which would help me publish more good stuff more often. I’ve known for some time that the choice of a writing tool has an effect on me. Ghost editor supports Markdown syntax and Markdown is currently the most productive way to publish directly to the web. »

What I Want From Google Drive

There is no way Google could resist launching their own cloud storage service during 2012. Mashable is almost teasing Google to go for it, after Techcrunch spilled the beans on Google Drive. Google's biggest competitors - Amazon, Microsoft and Apple - all have their own, more or less successful, versions od the cloud. While I wait, I dreamed up a few neat features that our internet agency would very much profit from, mostly in terms of saved time. »

Changing The Pen You're Writing With Changes You as a Writer

For more than two years, I've been using Sublime Text - a fine programmer's text editor - for writing blog posts. Since my final output was HTML, it seemed logical to start writing in HTML immediately. Sublime Text did some nice things for me as a writer (like fast autocomplete of HTML tags and wrapping selected text in HTML tags) and so I stuck with it. I liked what I wrote. »

We Gave Google Wave Another Chance And We Love It

connect the following statements with an 'and' operator: you want to discuss stuff with people who cannot be in the same room with you you hate meetings in person more than one person absolutely must hear what you have to say you can wait a little bit to get your answer (as in, real-time is not a must) your discussion - parts of it or in whole - must be written down for some reason you want your colleagues to help you create the document that will be the result of your discussion you like to see changes and new additions to the discussion at a glance (you don't have time to fiddle with some tedious revision control system) you need some structure in your discussion (hierarchy via indented replies) because flat lists are a mess if all of the above is true for you, then google wave is the best communication tool on the planet. »

How I Wrote, Created and Launched This Website in 11 Hours: as Easy as Django Py

Update May 2016: I’ve transferred this blog to the HUGO static website engine and I’m hosting it on my company’s server. My writing still looks pretty, and Python & Django rock even more today than in 2009. Update March 2014: I’ve transferred this blog to a hosted service, mostly because it makes my writing look prettier. Python & Django still rock. I know I wrote in my first post that this blog was created because some internet hotshots said something. »