Moving My Blog to Ghost Pro

My blog has a new home. I moved my domain to Hosted Service platform.

I decided to do this mostly because I needed a better publishing platform which would help me publish more good stuff more often. I’ve known for some time that the choice of a writing tool has an effect on me. Ghost editor supports Markdown syntax and Markdown is currently the most productive way to publish directly to the web. My old blog had a classic WYSIWYG editor which put too much work on me and gave me too many options.

I also hated the way my old blog looked like. I needed a simple, no fluff, beautifully designed look and Ghost provides that via their theme marketplace. I chose a theme that makes my blog look like Medium and I like it that way.

I chose not to host Ghost myself for free because Ghost Team provides great support at no extra charge (premium email support is included in the monthly blog hosting price). Their support is way cheaper than my boyfriend’s time.

Finally, I wanted to just. start. writing. again. I’ve been blogging on Google+ more than I’ve been writing on my own web blog for the past three years. Google+ gave me audience and simple publishing tools and made me want to hit ‘Publish’. That’s what I’m hoping to get from Ghost: a writer-friendly environment.


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