Moving My Blog to Hugo and Expanding the Range of Topics I Write About

It was time for another change.

The first reincarnation of this blog was built with Python and Django in 2009.

The second reincarnation was built with in 2014.

In 2016, I built this version 3.0 with the Hugo Static Website Engine. So far, I love most of Hugo.

I Miss Writing on My Blog

I realized that I haven’t written anything since 2014 on my blog.

I need to write. I feel the need to write about all the stuff I used to struggle with, and that others are struggling with at this moment. I see friends dealing with problems I solved a long time ago, and most of the time I want to help them with a long, thoughtful comment on Facebook…

…but then I don’t do anything.

Until I see another person ask the same question, dealing with the same struggle.

There’s More to Me Than Just Business

Since 2009, this blog was all about business. I created it as an experiment in writing and researching.

Some of the new stuff I want write about is not business-related. I wanted to expand the topics of my blog to include more than just business.

Topics such as my life-long health struggles and wins.

Topics such as personal growth, which I’ve been writing about a lot in the past, without realizing it.

I wanted my blog to be the one place where I’m allowed to write about anything.

Liberating and Making Public My Personal Journal Entries

Sometimes I write articles I need for my personal reference. I keep upgrading those articles with new knowledge all the time, as I learn about new interesting stuff online.

But I don’t publish the articles. I keep them private. Useful nuggets I could share with the world stay trapped as entries in my personal journal.

From now on, I plan to liberate as much content as I can from my journal, and make it public. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

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