The Last Starving Author Has Died. The Era of Teaching Micro-Skills Has Begun.

Want to write for a living? You can. You just can’t put a $2.99 price tag on your book if you want to eat. I’ve been ranting about pricing for the past five years. Charge more. Just fucking do it. That’s what I’ve been telling my fellow web developers and web development company owners. That’s what I’ve been training myself to do. Now that I am finally ready to finish writing a book, I see that the same web development lessons about pricing apply to publishing books as well. »

Why Do I Procrastinate, How Do I Stop, and What Do My Emotions Have To Do With Everything?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m playing Plants vs. Zombies 2. I’m playing because I’m avoiding a boring task I absolutely have to finish today. I’m in the middle of shooting ten holes through a bunch of zombies when this idea comes knocking on my brain: I’m procrastinating because I’m attaching a certain emotion to the dreaded task. What emotion am I feeling right now? Would the task scare me less if I detached the emotion itself from the task? »

Business as an Adventure

An insight came to me while I was reading the book A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. (So much revelation in the first few pages. Go and buy it. You’ll thank me later.) Yesterday I decided I would look at the new business I’m venturing into as an adventure. Adventure-centered attitude is the best antidote to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). If my new business is an adventure, then all the obstacles in my way are what makes the adventure interesting. »

Moving My Blog to Ghost Pro

My blog has a new home. I moved my domain to Hosted Service platform. I decided to do this mostly because I needed a better publishing platform which would help me publish more good stuff more often. I’ve known for some time that the choice of a writing tool has an effect on me. Ghost editor supports Markdown syntax and Markdown is currently the most productive way to publish directly to the web. »

An Alternative to List Articles Which Does Not Insult Readers' Intelligence

I abhor list articles. You know the type:  “9 Ways to Excel at Your Social Media Strategy in 2014” “15 Design Trends You Won’t Believe are Coming” “Three Ways to Be Productive If Your Office Doesn’t Have an Air Conditioner” You probably see a hundred headlines like those on your average social media break. I’m not amused to see how many people accept to write them and drown in mediocrity, when it’s so easy to be different by doing the exact opposite of what everybody else is doing. »

What Is 'Valuable Content', Exactly?

Content marketing is all the rage today. It's a geek marketer's favorite buzzword, more popular than SEO or social media (or so it seems to me; maybe I live in a content marketing reality distortion field). Everybody is telling you - no, yelling at you! - to create "valuable content" and to promote it. But rarely do you see specific examples of a valuable content piece, so I'm gonna give you a real one. »

Don't Wonder Whether It Will Be Hard

Because it will be. That thing you’re afraid of: starting your own business, changing jobs, starting work on a new product… The truth is, it’s harder that you can imagine it.  If you knew exactly how hard it will be and how many problems you’d encounter on your journey, you’d probably give up because you’re not ready yet for all of it. But that’s not the reason not to just… start. »

How to Change the World

Recently I have become fascinated with what the future will bring. After reading Abundance, I have learned about what is possible in the next 25 years. I want to be a part of the movement which will make this abundance happen. The abundance line There’s a line above which the abundance starts. Above it, humans have the time to collaborate and work creatively towards solving humanity’s problems. Below it, humans have the time only to survive. »

Why I Don't Waste Time Writing in My Mother Tongue

I made my biggest business mistake 2 years before I even started my business 10 years ago. I met a guy who is today one of my two business partners, and he said to me: "I'm making a ton of money running an affiliate website in English. Let's make a similar website, but for Croatian audience!" I said yes. We were both fools. But we were 20 years old then. »

What Guy Kawasaki Does to Sell Shiitake-Load of Books

Yesterday I've read Guy Kawasaki's newest ebook "What The Plus!" in one sitting. The book is the missing manual about succeeding on Google+by attracting as many followers as you can. I recommend that you read the book (it's only $2.99) and test everything he says. It works. I may not have 1.7M Google+ followers like Guy does, but everything he wrote worked for my Google+ presence as well. This blog post is not a book review Here I personally want to explore and write down things I think Guy Kawasaki does to spread the word about his books. »